This Thursday!

Oh, dear Reader, thereginamom‘s been busy!

Regina event details

She’s not only harvesting produce from her garden and preserving it for winter, but also learning a new song.  She hopes you’ll join in on the chorus and belt out “Harperman, it’s time for you to go!” with her on Thursday, September 17 at the Regina edition of the Canada-Wide Harperman Sing-Along.  Similar events are taking place in more than 40 communities nationwide.

Meet at Scarth Street & 12th Avenue, near Victoria Park at 12:30 PM to sing Harperman.  Arrive at the Making Peace Vigil on Scarth Street at 11th Avenue at noon and hop on the Peace Train of Song to the sing-along.

Why do this? For thereginamom, it is about supporting and defending Tony Turner’s right to freedom of expression as guaranteed in Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Tony is a folk singer and songwriter from Ottawa who works as a scientist for the federal government.  He has been suspended from his job pending an investigation into allegedly violating the “departmental code of values and ethics” in his writing and performing the song, Harperman.

The messaging trm hears in this is that writing protest songs about the Prime Minister should be illegal.  Cons-fill-dumpster-with-libraryWell, sorry, Harperman, that attitude is right up there with the dumpstering agricultural research materials and books thing.

So, trm‘s had enough and she’s going singing on Thursday.  Hoping you’ll bring your voice and sing along, your instrument and play along, and/or your own verses to share, if opportunity comes along.

In the meantime, dear Reader, if you haven’t already done so, please do this, too.

And make sure you’re registered to vote!



Changing the tune

Today is the anniversary of Jack Layton’s death. In 2011, I was at the Banff Centre, part of a Carolyn McDade and friends recording project with about a hundred women from different places in Canada and the USA. As I headed to breakfast that morning, one of the women from our group was in tears. When I asked what was the matter, I learned that Jack was dead.

I was shocked, went to tell another woman, and the rest is a blur. I know that we honoured him and his work with a moment of silence in the recording studio. And I remember the women from the USA asking about Jack and listening to our stories about him as well as the history of the NDP, the CCF, and the Farm and Labour parties that preceded them.

On the day of his funeral we recorded “Now You Can Go On”, one of four songs Carolyn wrote based on the words of the poem, You, Standing There Reading This: Stop, by William Stafford. It was such a fitting song for that day.

Later, my USA roommate, Ginny, and I sat in our room in Lloyd Hall, crying, as we listened to Stephen Lewis deliver Jack’s eulogy. Everyone, from both north and south of the border, was deeply moved. That deeply emotional experience made its way into our recording. The CD, Widening Embrace, is more powerful as a result.

In memory

In memory of a man far ahead of his time, John Winston Ono Lennon, who was murdered 28 years ago today and whose music continues to inspire.


with thanks to blevkog for the reminder.

Canadian Conference of the Arts Regional Forums

From the Inbox, information about opportunities to deepen connections within the arts community at regional meetings throughout the country.
Dear Friends,
Everyone is welcome to attend the upcoming Canadian Conference of the Arts Regional Forums (see below). The CCA has posted papers as background to the discussion on their website at and a blog has been set up to begin the conversation: French:; English:

cca logo

The National Director of the CCA Regional Forums

Regina: Globe Theatre, 1801 Scarth St.

November 6th

1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Saskatoon: Mendel Art Gallery, 950 Spadina Cres. E.

November 27th

1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

With the arrival of a new federal government in power, this is an opportune time for the arts and cultural stakeholders to gather and consult on the short term and long term strategies, so that the interests of the arts and cultural communities figure within the public discourse and on the political agenda.

During this fall, the CCA will be on tour to meet with artists and cultural workers across Canada. We invite you to meet the CCA Director General, and to express your perspective on the three following questions:

Within the arts and culture milieu: how can we improve collaboration in the pursuit of common objectives?

What should our 3 to 5 priorities be for the next coming two years?

What are the best strategies to promote these priorities?

We look forward to hearing your opinions!

The regional forums are free and open to all; however we are requesting that you confirm your attendance at least one week before the forum with Annie Caporicci 613-238-3561 extension 10.

WANTED! Young musicians: NessGeneration

The Ness Creek Music Festival is one of the most family-friendly events in the province. Located in the boreal forest where the air is still clear and on a site that is spectacular, it is a festival to take in! And, the folks organizing it are providing excellent opportunity for young Saskatchewan musicians, aged 13 to 18, to showcase their musical and/or spoken word abilities.

NessGeneration Poster

NessGeneration Auditions

WANTED! Young musicians to play the youth stage at the Ness Creek Music Festival

Apr 18 Regina (UofR campus, Riddell Centre)

Apr 19 Saskatoon (Cosmo Senior Centre)

Apr 25 La Ronge (Churchill High)

Apr 26 Prince Albert (Union Centre)

Email to sign up. All ages welcome!! Doors open at 7pm – $3 cover

I’m wishing I was more than just a few years younger! Have fun, kids!