This Thursday!

Oh, dear Reader, thereginamom‘s been busy!

Regina event details

She’s not only harvesting produce from her garden and preserving it for winter, but also learning a new song.  She hopes you’ll join in on the chorus and belt out “Harperman, it’s time for you to go!” with her on Thursday, September 17 at the Regina edition of the Canada-Wide Harperman Sing-Along.  Similar events are taking place in more than 40 communities nationwide.

Meet at Scarth Street & 12th Avenue, near Victoria Park at 12:30 PM to sing Harperman.  Arrive at the Making Peace Vigil on Scarth Street at 11th Avenue at noon and hop on the Peace Train of Song to the sing-along.

Why do this? For thereginamom, it is about supporting and defending Tony Turner’s right to freedom of expression as guaranteed in Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Tony is a folk singer and songwriter from Ottawa who works as a scientist for the federal government.  He has been suspended from his job pending an investigation into allegedly violating the “departmental code of values and ethics” in his writing and performing the song, Harperman.

The messaging trm hears in this is that writing protest songs about the Prime Minister should be illegal.  Cons-fill-dumpster-with-libraryWell, sorry, Harperman, that attitude is right up there with the dumpstering agricultural research materials and books thing.

So, trm‘s had enough and she’s going singing on Thursday.  Hoping you’ll bring your voice and sing along, your instrument and play along, and/or your own verses to share, if opportunity comes along.

In the meantime, dear Reader, if you haven’t already done so, please do this, too.

And make sure you’re registered to vote!



Northern Gateway Pipeline: The Video Version

I’m not much of a video lover, myself, but I know most of our culture is and so I’ve been amassing a few links that may be of interest to those who’d rather learn about the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline via video rather than text. Here are just a few. (Note, this page could take a while to load.)

Risking it All – Oil on our Coast

Risking it All – Oil on our Coast from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

Tar sands to tankers – The fight against Enbridge

Cetaceans of the Great Bear Rainforest

Tipping Barrels: A journey into the Great Bear Rainforest

Tipping Barrels from Sitka on Vimeo.

Celebrating The Harvest, The Equinox, The Arts

harvest salon posterWell, with a very sizzling summer salon behind us, the regina mom and friends are looking toward harvest.  We’re celebrating the harvest and the equinox and the arts with a Harvest Salon on Thursday, September 23 at 7:30 p.m. The event will feature readings by Lorna Crozier and Andrew Stubbs, music by The Canning Party and Bernadette & Jim as well as art by Kim Menzies.

Tickets are $25 Advance, $35 Door and only 25 are available.  Note that some proceeds from this event will be donated to the Literary Committee of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.  Arrange to get your tickets by calling 306.550.7023 or order online, via Paypal. (Note that the payment will go to Jim.)


About the featured artists…

crozier, with books Lorna Crozier‘s “first collection Inside in the Sky was published in 1976. Since then, she has authored 14 books of poetry, including The Garden Going on Without Us, Angels of Flesh, Angels of Silence, Inventing the Hawk, winner of the 1992 Governor-General’s Award, Everything Arrives at the Light, Apocrypha of Light, What the Living Won’t Let Go, and most recently Whetstone. Whether Lorna is writing about angels, aging, or Louis Armstrong’s trout sandwich, she continues to engage readers and writers across Canada and the world with her grace, wisdom and wit. She is, as Margaret Laurence wrote, “a poet to be grateful for.” “[1] We’re so happy to have her with us for this celebration!


andrew stubbsAndrew Stubbs “is a prolific editor whose work includes Rhetoric, Uncertainty, and the University as Text, a collection of articles on writing and writing theory by Canadian and American compositionists. He co-edited The Other Harmony: The Collected Poetry of Eli Mandel, and published Myth, Origins, Magic, a study of Mandel’s poetics. Stubbs has published articles and reviews on literature, literary theory, psychoanalysis, and creative writing. His first poetry collection, White Light Primitive, was published by Hagios Press in Spring 2009.” [2] Thanks, Andy, for agreeing to join us!


the canning partyThe Canning Party is a new Saskatchewan folk group consisting of Tanya Dahms, Scott Fulton, and Rob Cocarell. The three are eco-activist and long-time Regina jammers. Tracks from Cocarell’s last CD project with the group, Aref Sea, are online at CBC Radio 3. (I’m particularly diggin’ the track “River Flow” at the moment.)


Bernadette & Jim is — you guessed it — the hubby and me!  I’ll share poetry from my collection and, perhaps, some new work.  Jim has more of his original songs (& guitar-work) to share.  And we do love to sing — old stuff and new work, too.  Who knows what we’ll cook up this time!


kim menziesKim Menzies considers herself  “a self-taught artist.”  Of her recent work she says, “I have been experimenting with a myriad of acrylic mediums and paint combinations for the past two years. My experience has, without a doubt, been a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions. It has not only challenged me to step into a world where colour, shape and texture become a form of communication unto itself, it has challenged me to break down barriers that once defined my comfort zones.[3] Her artwork is featured on the cover of This hot place, my collection of poetry and we are grateful that she will hang a show for the salon.

Only 25 tickets available for this event, folks.  Get yours soon!