#SkPoli has wide-open election financing rules!

That’s right! We’re the Wild West of campaign financing. And the women running as candidates for the Saskatchewan New Democrats need support from Canadians everywhere if there’s any hope of ever defeating the SaskParty! Anyone living in Canada, any Canadian living abroad, and any corporation in Canada can donate to a Saskatchewan political party. So bring it, Canada, we need it.

And we need to prepare for the future, too. Preparing for the next election, succession planning, if you will, needs to carry on. The Bessie Ellis Fund, which exists to help more women run for nomination, needs topping up.

Saskatchewan will head to the polls on October 26. NDP leader, Dr. Ryan Meili, has gathered an incredible team of talent. Almost half the candidates around him are women and all candidates are committed to a progressive people first platform that includes pay equity legislation, a $15 minimum wage, $25/day childcare, and the return of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC).

By contrast, only 18 percent of the Sask Party’s candidates are women. And, as Premier Moe’s gerrymandered stronghold in rural areas weakens, news surfaced that an NDP candidate received a “disturbing letter” on a public bulletin board and discovered evidence of BB gun pellets on her campaign office door. The matter is now in the hands of the RCMP.

Threats are not a new experience for women. All our lives, we deal with insidious harassment and are encouraged to ignore or be ashamed of it. Most women experience some form of abuse, nuanced or outright, at some point in their lives. And Saskatchewan has the highest rate of domestic violence in the country. That threats such as this have crept into politics should not surprise anyone. It is not an isolated incident. It happens all over the country. Recently, a female public health official in British Columbia received a death threat.

Why, in the 21st century, must women pay such a high price, the threat of death, for taking a public role in building a better world? Why has the misogyny and general hatred toward women not been exposed and eradicated once and for all?

Furthermore, suicide is the leading cause of death for people aged 10 to 49 in northern Saskatchewan. But in the last legislative session, the Sask Party caucus voted to defeat a comprehensive suicide prevention bill. And when a young Metis man, Tristan Durocher, walked 635 kilometers from Air Ronge in northern Saskatchewan to Regina and set up a tipi and 44 posters of suicide victims near the legislative building as protest, the Premier had him charged for trespassing. A judge dismissed the case.

Then there’s the Thanksgiving message tweeted out by Moe’s Minister of Highways and Infrastructure, the Sask Party’s candidate for Yorkton: a sermon by homophobic fundamentalist preacher in the southern USA. Ottenbreit also has associations with Charles McVety who is well-known for his promotion of homophobia and anti-Semitism in Canada.

This is a crucial election in Saskatchewan, one with great potential. We know that women’s voices need to be heard. We in Saskatchewan know that by working together, we can make a better world. Please, Canadians, take a moment to make a small or large donation to the Bessie Ellis Fund, a legacy fund which supports women seeking nomination.

Failing that, support any of these women who have courageously stepped forward as progressive women in this election campaign.

Name Constituency Donate Link 
Twyla Harris-Naciri Biggar-Sask Valley https://www.saskndp.ca/twyla_harris_donate 
Wendy Sekulich Humboldt https://www.saskndp.ca/wendy_sekulich_donate 
Harmonie King Meadow Lake https://www.saskndp.ca/harmonie_king_donate 
Betty Nippi-Albright Saskatoon Centre https://www.saskndp.ca/betty_nippialbright_donate 
Ashlee Hicks Saskatoon Riversdale https://www.saskndp.ca/ashlee_hicks_donate 
Pamela Beaudin Saskatoon Southeast https://www.saskndp.ca/pamela_beaudin_donate 
Kaitlyn Harvey Saskatoon Willowgrove https://www.saskndp.ca/kaitlyn_harvey_donate 
Dianne Twietmeyer Cannington https://www.saskndp.ca/dianne_twietmeyer_donate 
Stacey Strykowski Canora-Pelly https://www.saskndp.ca/stacey_strykowski_donate 
Kelly Genert Cypress Hills https://www.saskndp.ca/kelly_genert_donate 
Linda Patenaude Kelvington-Wadena https://www.saskndp.ca/linda_patenaude_donate 
Thera Nordal Last Mountain Touchwood https://www.saskndp.ca/thera_nordal_donate 
Colleen Henning Lloydminster https://www.saskndp.ca/colleen_morrellhenning_donate 
Carla Streeton Martensville-Warman https://www.saskndp.ca/carla_streeton_donate 
Bonnie Galenzoski Melville-Saltcoats https://www.saskndp.ca/bonnie_galenzoski_donate 
Melissa Patterson Moose Jaw Wakamow https://www.saskndp.ca/melissa_patterson_donate 
Nicole Rancourt Prince Albert Northcote https://www.saskndp.ca/nicole_rancourt_donate 
Nicole Sarauer Regina Douglas Park https://www.saskndp.ca/nicole_sarauer_donate 
Meara Conway Regina Elphinstone Centre https://www.saskndp.ca/meara_conway_donate 
Carla Beck Regina Lakeview https://www.saskndp.ca/carla_beck_donate 
Aleana Young Regina University https://www.saskndp.ca/aleana_young_donate 
Kelly Hardy Regina Walsh Ares https://www.saskndp.ca/kelly_hardy_donate 
Brenda Edel Rosetown-Elrose https://www.saskndp.ca/brenda_edel_donate 
Trina Miller Rosthern-Shellbrook https://www.saskndp.ca/trina_miller_donate 
Vicki Mowat Saskatoon Fairview https://www.saskndp.ca/vicki_mowat_donate 
Gillian Strange Saskatoon Northwest https://www.saskndp.ca/gillian_strange_donate 
Erika Ritchie Saskatoon Nutana https://www.saskndp.ca/erika_ritchie_donate 
Jennifer Bowes Saskatoon University https://www.saskndp.ca/jennifer_bowes_donate 
Amber Stewart The Battlefords https://www.saskndp.ca/amber_stewart_donate 
Regan Lanning Weyburn Big Muddy https://www.saskndp.ca/regan_lanning_donate 
Women running for NDP in 2020 Sask General Election

Or, donate the general campaign, here.

But please help. Lives depend on it.

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  1. Thank you for this post. Important to face this head on.

  2. That threats such as this have crept into politics should not surprise anyone. It is not an isolated incident. It happens all over the country. Recently, a female public health official in British Columbia received a death threat.
    Epson Nummer


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