ACTION: Save Crown land that is native grassland!

Trevor Herriot, a writer, birder, naturalist and friend, has asked us to take action in order to save Saskatchewan’s native grasslands, especially the millions of acres protected by the Wildlife Habitat Protection Act.  Here’s why:

Last fall the Government of Saskatchewan announced a program to sell 1.6 million acres of Crown land (an area equal in size to PEI) to current leasees at a price of up to 10% below market value.

While lessees are not required to purchase their leases they have been told in writing from the Government that they should know that it is the government’s intention to see saleable land in the hands of private ownership.

Saskatchewan residents recognize and appreciate the important role many landowners play in maintaining habitat on their privately owned and leased lands. However, Crown land that currently has an ecological value on it should not be sold. These lands should remain protected and cherished as a “Crown Jewel” for the future benefit of all Saskatchewan residents.

A significant amount of Crown Ag land in Saskatchewan contains habitat that is critical in preserving our native flora and fauna.

The lack of concern being expressed by Saskatchewan residents to date regarding the sale of Crown owned land is being interpreted as support for the sales program.

You can read more about it over at Trevor’s place.  And download these documents to help you write your letter to Premier Wall. There’s more about Trevor’s latest book, Grass, Sky, Song: Promise and Peril in the World of Grassland Birds, here.

And hey, just because you don’t live here doesn’t mean you can’t write to Premier Wall.  The more the merrier, I always say!