#Racist, #colonialist #SaskParty dog-whistling

The Regina Mom has been writing, but not blog posts until today, when she read the CBC News story about Premier Moe’s latest racist action.

The province is taking legal action against members of the camp and Regina Police Chief Evan Bray, according to court documents that were filed Tuesday at Regina’s Court of Queen’s Bench.

said Chevy, the Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission, in the prepared statement. He added that he’s doing this because

The Wascana Park bylaws prohibit unauthorized overnight camping, erecting and maintaining structures, and burning combustibles, and we are asking that these bylaws be enforced,”

The Regina Mom is pretty sure this is a dogwhistle for the racist core in the Sask Party. We are heading into an election in the next couple of years and Moe will want to shore up that support.

In response, the Regina Mom made some phone calls a little while ago and encourages you to do likewise.

Premier Moe’s office. Telephone: (306) 787-9433

Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Hon. Warren Kaeding. Phone (306) 787-6100

Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission, Ken Chevyldaoff. Phone (306) 787-0942

Let them know that this kind of racist, colonialist, morally bankrupt activity is appalling. Quite frankly, it affirms the reasons for the camp, as well as the camps that have sprung up elsewhere in the country.

The Regina Mom thinks she may be back again soon because in those calls she promised to revive her blog, renew her NDP membership, and work to defeat the Sask Party in the next election.

And the Regina Mom has yet to comment on the Trudeau 2.0 #fail on the oil and gas file!