Taking time to celebrate IWD

iwd poster

Celebrating the Arts on

International Women’s Day

7:30 pm Thursday March 8 @ The Artesian

Intercultural Grandmothers Uniting ~ Sacred Web Sask ~ Brenda Niskala ~ Susana Deranger ~ Mirtha Rivera ~ Cassidy McFadzean ~ Belle Plaine ~ Tara Solheim ~ All Beings Confluence Art Installation & more

All Proceeds to the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan

Tickets By Donation ($50 Suggested)



Doors Open 7pm
Program Begins 7:30pm

Cash Bar

Produced by the regina mom
bprintink (at) sasktel (dot) net


And so it goes: Yahoos on the prairies.

I suppose some folks think that the regina mom is a yahoo cuz she’s shooting off her mouth all the time. Really, she hasn’t had a lot of time for that cuz she has spent the past year and a bit marketing her book of poetry, This hot place from B.C. to Ontario. (And she hopes to go further east with it this fall/winter.)

For now, however, a comment on the bunch of yahoos at the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District is in order. Their censorship of an event that had been scheduled for Regina’s downtown park is just ridiculous! The event, “Profs in the Park”, was to be just that: a series of lectures/talks by University of Regina professors.

But one prof’s lecture title got the yahoos tongues wagging. Assistant Professor, Emily Eaton, was to speak on “Solidarity with Palestine: The Case for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel.” But, according to the local daily newspaper, “the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) told University of Regina professor Emily Eaton to change her lecture topic or her appearance at the Victoria Park event would be cancelled.”

Rather than condone censorship, the professors canceled the full series in the park, changed its name, and moved it to a local artist-run centre, Neutral Ground.

RDBID said it wasn’t their fault and Macleans magazine has yet another opportunity to smear the Queen City. Deservedly so, this time. Attacks on freedom of expression anywhere in the city, or the country for that matter, should never be tolerated.

A Project to Raise Awareness of Sexual Violence

Several years ago I served on the Board of Directors of the Regina Women’s Community Centre and Sexual Assault Line. It was an important way for me to give back to the Centre which had helped me come to some kind of peace with my experience of a date rape that had occurred in my late teens. For too long, I had blamed myself, even though I had loudly and clearly said, NO!

It disturbed me when I saw the video featuring Premier Wall, MP Tom Lukiwski, and those anonymous Conservative men denigrating women in the way they did. It bothers me that they have not yet apologized to the women of the province, for the role they have played in promoting sexism and sexist behaviour. And it disturbed me even more, then, when I learned this:

Regina has the third highest rate of sexual assault per capita in Canada (Statistics Canada 2006).

Now, many of you know that I’m not a major fan of Mayor Pat Fiacco, but I’ll give him credit for this:

Mayor Pat Fiacco has proclaimed the week of April 13 to 19 Sexual Assault Awareness Week. It is time to Draw The Line against sexual violence in our city.

The Regina Women’s Community Centre and Sexual Assault Line have organized this event:

A Project to Raise Awareness of Sexual Violence

Bring a t-shirt to decorate to honour yourself or someone you know who has experienced sexual assault

Regina City Hall Courtyard
April 19, 2008
12:00 p.m. — 2:00 p.m.

Sexual Assault affects us all; young and old.

Please come support this event because survivors of sexual assault are someone’s mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, daughter, niece, friend, or even someone’s father, brother, uncle, or son.

Thank you in advance from all of us at The Regina Women’s Community Centre & Sexual Assault Line for sharing this message with those you know and love.

I can be at this event for only a short while as my daughter arrives home from her immersion experience that afternoon (YAY!!!). I’ll hope that this awareness campaign can prevent all of our daughters from experiencing what I experienced when I was just a wee bit older than my daughter is now.