Shame on Canada! Shame on us all!

Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan tells an outright lie in this chance encounter on the stairs at the CBC. As if that is not bad enough, the Minister goes on to blame the MP for that area, Charlie Angus, for not informing him of the issue!  Those who follow politics, particularly the issues of First Nations communities and human rights issues, know that Charlie Angus is the guy who’s been working his ass off on this file for YEARS!

A quick search of the Google News archives reveals almost 100 instances of Mr. Angus speaking about the situation at Attawapiskat!  This includes a Hamilton Spectator story from 2005 where Mr. Angus references issues with Indian Affairs’ “boxing in” the people of Attawapiskat. And, in the scrum, Mr. Angus rattles off several instances of his attention on the growing crisis, going back to 2007.

I think Charlie is right.  This is a “willful, hard-working level of incompetence” leading to deaths, by the Government of Canada and, thereby, the People of Canada.  Shame on us for allowing this institutionalized racism to carry on for far too long!