The 2008 Canadian Blog Awards: Another Mistake?

It’s awards season again.  Apparently, the 2008 version of the Canadian Blog Awards is underway.  Thanks to Beijing York, a regular reader, this blog has been nominated in the Best Feminist Blog category.  I appreciate the recognition.  And I am grateful that the Best Feminist Blog category has been added to this year’s list.  It took a lot of people making demands for such last year to make sure the organizers got it right this year.

However, it seems they didn’t quite.  Get it right, that is.  In the nominees’ list for Best Feminist Blog are at least two blogs which consistently and continuously produce rabid anti-feminist, anti-women posts.  Furthermore, they bring their gang of freepers along wherever they go.  I’m sure it’s great that they have friends because the vitriol they post does not find favour among feminists (nor among some Saskatchewanian politicians, apparently).

As a result, I have requested that the regina mom be removed from the list. I do not accept the nomination. If I must share a nomination with those who actively work to undermine the great work of dedicated feminists commited to making the world a better place for women and their families, then, with all due  respect to the organizers, I want no part of it.