Hey, Steve! Thanks for this!

It’s weird.  Harper doesn’t make these kinds of boo-boos. He makes strategic mistakes but he is not the kind of guy who gets the dates of elections wrong by four months, especially when he’s reading right off the hard copy.  So I figure that either he’s drunk in that clip or this is a dog whistle.

The date, February 14th rung a bell for me, not because of Valentine’s day, but  because February 14, 2008 saw Canada very quietly sign a Bilateral Civil Assistance Plan with the USA.

The plan recognizes the role of each nation’s lead federal agency for emergency preparedness, which in the US is the Department of Homeland Security and in Canada is Public Safety Canada. The plan facilitates the military-to-military support of civil authorities once government authorities have agreed on an appropriate response.

In other words, Dubya can call Steve or Steve can call Dubya and ask for military help.  Really, it’s that easy!  Harper need only give the word and the USA’s Northern Command is here, on Canadian soil, ready, willing and able.  And they’re all raring to go, having just ended a joint conference with Canadian Forces personnel at CFB Halifax where they shared loads of good stuff!

One conference briefing concerned the Civil Assistance Plan, the bilateral Canada-United States plan that facilitates military-to-military cooperation in support of a civil emergency in either country, once agreement for assistance is reached between the two governments. The CAP was signed in February 2008 and, in early September 2008, Canada sent several aircraft to assist with the response to Hurricane Gustav.

“It was the first time we had done this with the CAP,” Christensen said, “and it was important for our senior non-commissioned officer leadership and the Americans to understand what the CAP is all about.”

Of course, we peons don’t get the details.  We’re talking top security stuff, the kind that will take care of terrorism and all those things that our Strong LeaderTM will handle on our behalf.

“[I]n a time of global economic instability,” Harper said with a smirk as he carried on after giving the incorrect E-Day date in his speech.  Yep.  It’s economic instability for the rich right now, that’s for sure.  Destitution and despair for others.  Some have called this economic terrorism.  Others say it’s economic warfare.

But hey, we’ve got PM Steve.  And I think that this Thanksgiving we must be ever so grateful that our Steve the Sweater Guy has taken care of every little thing!

And, y’know, maybe we should each email him and suggest he lay off the booze.  I mean, rilly!  What if there’s a crisis?

Oh! Wait a hold it! I just figured it all out.  PM Steve is just trying to demonstrate that he is not heartless!

Silly me.

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