Abusive Parliamentarian

Ugh!  Have you seen this?

That’s John Baird, a Minister in Steven Harper’s cabinet.  You know what he’s doing?  He’s engaging in abusive behaviour.  It is not only verbal abuse; it is also abuse of power and privilege. Whether he was correct in his assessment of the rules and regulations for committee workings is irrelevant.  His behaviour is unbecoming a Minister, let alone a parliamentarian! It is entirely unacceptable!

Yet, a majority of the Members of the House of Commons who bothered to vote on the matter of Parliamentarian of the Year selected John Baird as that person.

This is reprehensible.

Canada’s reached a new low.  It wasn’t enough for the PM to berate and belittle Linda Keen (formerly of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) when the Chalk River reactor went down.  No, now his minion, the loudmouthed and abusive, John Baird, gets a turn.

When will we ever learn?  Why are abusers given such high praise everywhere — even in our Parliament?

Nod to Alison@Creekside

Additional nod to POGGE for inadvertently reminding me I hadn’t posted this