Post-conversation with Ray Boughen, MP for Palliser

the regina mom received a call from her Member of Parliament, Ray Boughen, this afternoon.  He said it was in response to her call about two University of Regina international students facing deportation but she had not, in fact, called.  She had emailed but didn’t press that fact with him.  In hindsight she suspects he must be feeling some heat over the issue since it hit the front page of the local daily.  When asked about his silence over it he said it is not his place to speak to that issue, that the Speaker, MP for Regina Qu’Appelle, Andrew Scheer, has spoken to it. He said he waits for his turn to speak and will be speaking on Aboriginal issues next week.

That led to a conversation about democratic process, the lack of political will for democratic process, followed by a tirade on trm‘s part.  She began with the lack of a national childcare strategy, filled the middle with the lack of support for single parent women and increased poverty in Canada and ended with a few stats on the increased numbers of people using food banks. That’s about when he accused trm of being a partisan and she defended herself claiming her feminist activism of more than 25 years and her being a mother of two young adults as the basis for her statements.  But still, he tried to dismiss her concerns as being partisan ones. trm suggested that he should read her blog.

When he attempted to blame the SK NDP government for the social problems she had mentioned, trm really let loose, informing him that yes, from time-to-time she has supported the NDP but did not support Roy and the boyz and their debt and deficit-cutting measures.  She also reminded him that she is a writer and as such, a researcher, one who bases her words on what she reads in books and on fact-based evidence.  His response was that we’re using different facts in our discussion.

So she switched her tune to the China-Canada FIPA and compared it to the FTA with the USA, mentioning how the former locks us in for 31 years and the latter allows us to give 6 months notice if we choose to break the agreement.

By that time he was really bumbling and went back to the earlier piece about democracy so trm mentioned Motion 312 about which he seemed to have no clue, suggesting it was a Bill, obviously not hearing what trm was saying. She reminded him that it was a Motion put forward by MP Stephen Woodworth as an attempt to reopen the abortion debate and noted that he supported it in spite of what his colleague, MP Gordon O’Connor, had said. He couldn’t recall what O’Connor had said so trm suggested he look it up on YouTube.  He said he didn’t have time so perhaps trm could tell him.  She did. Then he proceeded to parrot Woodsworth, saying that it wasn’t about reopening the abortion debate, blah-blah-blah. trm laughed and reminded him that he really needed to read her blog.

Seeing that she was on a bit of a role, trm then brought up the other F-word, fascism. She noted that even the right-wing Liberal, Michael Ignatieff, is using that word these days. He bumbled some more and wouldn’t listen, kept interrupting her and soon thereafter she told him this conversation was a waste of her time and his and hung up. As she pulled the receiver from her ear she could hear him saying another call was coming in and he had to go. A likely story. There were no phones ringing off the hook in the background; he said that to save face.

Though there’s much more that went on in the conversation, trm knows without a doubt that she has a useless excuse for a representative in Ottawa and maintains her adoption of MP for Churchill, Niki Ashton, as her MP.

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  1. This one of the great reads I’ve come across today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.. So.. a concerned Canadian citizen finds their MP is uninformed, useless.. and claims-assures The Speaker of The House ‘has spoken to it’. It seems to go downhill from there.. rapidly.. as does the extremely thin credibility of MP Mr Boughen.

    I’d like to know where this possible cretin scores on basic cognitive tests.. Is he below Dean Del Mastro? Above Rob Anders? Is his pulse stronger than Peter Kent’s.. and if not, who is his taxidermist? Is he a blusterer like Baird? Or lost in deep space like Mackay? A rip and strip advocate marching for our monarch Stephen Harper ?.. or a Israel or Bust pilgrim questing for The Rapture… ?

    I must look and see.. if he, like a majority of Conservative MP’s and ‘ministers’ voted in support of the Woodworth Motion 312.. which laughably.. the Prime Minister of this government claimed.. does not support the motion. (Harper, alas.. does not read newspapers.. or excel at mathematics, thus his ignorance of exactly how his colleagues voted or the majority indicated by those votes.)

  2. Boughen supported M312. He is an old man who needs to retire. I actually feel sorry for him. He’s in over his head. He is useless as an MP, more useless there than he was as Mayor of Moose Jaw, I’m afraid.

  3. But isn’t it true of all of them? IQ tests all around. Perhaps psych testing too. Okay, and math.

  4. I guess it is true in one way or another, but there is a cabal of leaders within the caucus, that much was clear on my visit to the House of Commons last month. (Note to self: blog about that.) And they are mean-spirited, for sure. I wouldn’t call Boughen mean-spirited, just old and forgetful, past the expiry date. He should not be an MP.

  5. diamondwalker

     /  November 10, 2012

    Why not look for local exemplars to step into the space Mr Boughen is exiting ? I can’t see you buying Mr Harper’s concept and dull vision of MP’s as toxic backfill ?

    Clearly you see things in a much more warrior way.

    I thought it graceful and generous how you treat Mr Boughen..
    that’s the Canadian way… much to admire in that.

  6. Beijing York

     /  November 10, 2012

    There was a time that any MP, no matter what party he/she was affiliated with, would simply say, “I will follow up with the Ministers of Immigration (Kenney) and Public Safety (Toews)”. It seems that Harper’s collection of MPs are given strict marching orders and speaking points. My MP Joyce Bateman never has an original thought or candid answer. She never offers to follow-up and investigate an issue of concern. Despite directing much criticism Pat Martin’s way over the years, when he was my MP he and his staff took every request or concern very seriously and followed up as much as possible.


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