Read it, weep, then do something!

the regina mom thinks that Andrew Nikiforuk has summarized the Stephen Harper Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project bullshit quite beautifully, if anything about this shitstorm can be said to be beautiful, that is. Go. Read. Canadian Democracy: Death by Pipeline.

Have your emotional moment then message the PM, just a short message is fine, to let him know what you think.* the regina mom provides the PM’s contact info, for both his Ottawa and Calgary offices, below.


Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2






1600 – 90th Avenue SW, Suite A-203
Calgary, Alberta
T2V 5A8



*Note that trm does not believe that our messages will move Mr. Harper to stop the pipeline project. They will let him know that we’re still watching his every move.

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  1. diamondwalker

     /  August 25, 2012

    Great post ! See if you can get a few more people and friends/family and kids etc to read Nikiforuk’s exceptional article and extend-recommend the link to his article.. His previous articles have been excellent as well.

    Exemplars like Andrew can outweigh the dour and shrill sanctimony of Peter Kent, Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper et al and the strident and fictional Ethikal-Idiot nonsense of barking oil-dog Ezra Levant, silly-willy Kathryn Marshal, tail wagger Jamie Ellerton etc.. all part n parcel with their good buds in Ottawa, Jason Kenney and all the other confused Manning/Fraser Institute/Harper Reform devotees, high priests and acolytes… and a lot of complete dunderhead followers-trolls-wonks that really should have a note from their mommy to be out in public without supervision.

    This is Canada, not HarperLand. Last time I looked, our schools are still teaching Canadian children about geography, history, science, mathematics, morality, languages, art, health. I don’t recall vote suppression, lobbying, strip-mining fundamentals, acceptable pipeline leakage, situational ethics, Secrecy 101, robocalling-live calling, bluster and baseless smearing for beginners.. obstructing-delaying justice, or fracking technology/wastewater disposal being included in the curriculum.

    Joe Oliver does not speak for or represent any sort of responsible citizen majority, their needs or wishes, despite having been elected to do so. Instead as a rookie MP he has been vaulted into Ottawa and is ‘promoting’ the sale and value of Canada’s resources like the wealthy investment banker he is, with zero comprehension or interest in environmental reality. He is doing exactly what the Harper Government that does not care to be defined as The Government of Canada.. wants him to do. Well past his ‘best before date’ it would seem. Joe has become the Minister of Tar Sands, Pipelines & Chinese Oil Tankers. Somehow he now claims he personally has never said that the Northern Gateway Pipeline should be approved or created, yet he is quite comfortable attacking charities and Haida elders that dare to dissent or stand against the inevitable eco-disaster. Please retire Joe.

    Peter Kent seems even more dull-witted than Oliver as his Environmental Ministry now seems to merely service Natural Resources aggression towards the environment. Why would anyone think poisoning thousands of Alberta’s wolves was a responsible solution to delaying extinction of caribou due to the strip mining of their habitat? And this action initiated only after being told by The Supreme Court to fulfill his ministry’s legal obligation to an endangered Canadian species, the caribou. Kent will be remembered for his ‘money laundering’ beliefs and accusations.. that Canadian charities with a mandate to support The Environment of Canada are simply money launderers. Wonderful Peter. What a bright lad you are. Please retire Peter.. or become a lizard eyed senator.

    This cabinet idiocy smacks or resonates just like Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, lauding the recent federal omnibus ‘budget’ for changing environmental protections and making it easier to “authorize’ water pollution. He suggests “For example, the amended Fisheries act will provide flexibility and establish new tools to authorize deposits of deleterious substances”. The man makes dumping tar sands tailings sound like a healthy bank deposit. Please retire and go fishing Keith.. good luck.. I hope the fish are biting.. .. you

    How do thugs in Ottawa gain so much power ? Good question
    Why do exemplars like Andrew Nikiforuk need to be recognized ?
    What do we want ? Canada.. or HarperLand …..

  2. Thanks for posting this. I had been working on chronicling Harper’s Alberta-centric assault on British Columbia – gutting fisheries regulations, getting rid of Fisheries and Coast Guard monitors and protectors, shutting down essential Coast Guard stations, suppressing environmental assessment protections and gaming the Northern Gateway approval process. Taken in isolation they’re infuriating. Seen in their totality it becomes inescapable that Harper is waging a war against British Columbia. Quite astonishingly a great many British Columbians, and not just those of us who are coastal, are growing determined to resist this, to stop it. An awful lot of previously law-abiding people are prepared to defy Harper’s law, to become criminal in the name of civil disobedience against an unjust government and its corporate masters.

  3. Toe

     /  August 26, 2012

    When you’ve been defrauded and criminalized for saying so, as a voter and a citizen, anything can happen.


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