Together, we make a difference

Thank you, dear Readers, for the rapid response to yesterday’s call. Aaron Wherry’s coverage of the excellent elocutions by NDP Member of Parliament, Charlie Angus, in the House of Commons regarding the Snoop and Spy Bill C-30, suggests we’ve made a difference. Here’s Charlie.


And after Charlie’s lambasting of the Minister here’s what went down according to Wherry,


The Public Safety Minister turned to his script, finishing with a concession of sorts. “We will send this legislation directly to committee,” he said, “for a full and wide-ranging examination of the best way to do what is right for our children.”


It didn’t end there.  The 3rd-party Liberals rose in the House, first Bob Rae and then Ralph Goodale and they rammed it home.


Standing next, Bob Rae pressed the advantage. “Mr. Speaker, I am sure that the people who come forward with amendments will not be called Adolf Hitler,” he scolded from the far end of the room, “will not be called terrorists and will not be called friends of pedophilia by the minister when they come forward with reasoned amendments.”


Then Ralph Goodale stood to make clear the extent of the retreat. “The Prime Minister implied a few moments ago that he will entertain amendments to Bill C-30,” he lectured. “Do we have his guarantee that amendments will in fact be welcomed in the parliamentary committee?”


The Minister assured the House that amendments to C-30 would be entertained. Unable to let it go and, quite possibly to ram it home for Quebeckers,


…the NDP’s Francoise Boivin stood across the aisle from Mr. Toews and pronounced shame on the minister and the legislation. 


trm must say, Thank you, Parliamentarians, friends and colleagues.  Together we make a difference!

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  1. Toe

     /  February 16, 2012

    TRM not sure how reliable this is, but I heard some talking head saying it wasn’t the net or vikileaks that started the wee back pedaling, but rather the right-wing radio talk shows. Across the country the snoop/spy bill was getting hammered and that is their base. Obviously a combination.

  2. Someone said that even the folks at Freak Dominion were against it, so ya, I believe it’s an all of the above situation.

  3. Steve – pissing off his 24%. *snerk*

  4. Heh! Nothing wrong with that, I say. Politics does make strange bedfellows from time to time. BTW, I think I read that on @fernhilldammit’s Twitter feed.

  5. Beijing York

     /  February 16, 2012

    Well that explains why the CBC poll showed more than 90% against this invasive spy legislation. I’m surprised they didn’t test the framing.


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