Another Northern Gateway Pipeline Update

Sometimes, the regina mom wonders why she bothers to write her long blogposts, when others do it excellently with a short quote and video or are capable of piecing together a few headlines about the HarperCons’ visit to China, the trade trip on which the Enbridge CEO has accompanied the Prime Minister presumably to tout the pipeline projected to forever change the BC coastline, coastal communities and eco-system when the first tanker spill happens.

Meanwhile, back on the Canadian ranch, the HarperCon MPs spew slick rhetoric. Kady O’Malley’s citations from the Hansard regarding MP Larry Brown’s statements about Sharon Carstairs, Allan Rock and Hitler proves to be a very interesting, if frightening read.  It makes trm believe the PMO is using the Karl Rove’s playbook (PDF).

Open file has a bit of a who’s who on the Northern Gateway issue but forgot to mention one of Canada’s treasures, Franke James, who is still awaiting confirmation for a meeting with her MP, Joe Oliver.  Remember him?  He’s the oily MP who offered to meet with environmentalists, the one whose whose slippery words really got the ball rolling on this campaign.


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  1. Beijing York

     /  February 10, 2012

    After reading that Hansard captured exchange, I have to say that young Trudeau is actually starting to grow on me.

  2. Pipelines can be considered as the energy lifelines of human daily activities.Pipeline’s role is not only concentrated to our daily life’s but also,they are used to the nation’s industry standards.The pipeline companies are assigned the task of construction, operation, and maintenance of its pipeline systems in a safe, environmentally sound manner.

  3. The pipeline is not a human being with a life. It is a manmade object and such it fails. The substance the proposed Enbridge pipeline will carry is diluted bitumen, a particularly corrosive and dangerous substance. A west coast journalist said that leaks and spills are not “risks” to be managed. They are mathematical certainties.

    So I say, No thanks. I’d rather put money into alternative energies, into retraining workers for a green economy, into making Canada a leader on the world stage instead of the biggest ass out there!

    • Warren

       /  February 25, 2012

      “I’d rather put my money into alternative energies…” So what’s stopping you? Let us know when you come up with something. It’s been sought for as long as I can recall, back when gas was 15 cents a gallon people were calling for alternatives. So far nothing exists that the average person can afford that will replace oil. Good luck in your quest.

  4. Warren

     /  February 25, 2012

    Excellent. Take away the subsidies. It is said Canada subsidises O&G by $1.2 billion per year. Much of this is rapid depletion allowances given to all mining industries and other investment write off schemes given to other companies outside of the oil industry as well. That doesn’t make it right. Sure, if any special subsidies go to a given industry, by all means take them away. BUT at the same time remove exclusive O&G industry taxes such as the gas and diesel excise tax of $5.25 billion per year which is charged at the retail level. That would be a good trade (for them). Glad you brought it up. If government left the oil industry alone it would be to that industry’s benefit because specific taxes applying only to it exceed any subsidies. Let’s see, I figure they’d gain about $4 billion. If you (personally) want to subsidise ‘green’ energy go ahead we all need hobbies but I don’t share your interest. It seems to be a wasteful way to get energy if the cost is any indication. By the way what kind of green energy is your company proposing to produce?

  5. Ok, buddy, whatev.


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