What has my country come to?

Wikileaks’ release of US Embassy cables is hitting some Canadians harder than others.  On November 30, Tom Flanagan, a political and strategic adviser to Prime Minister Harper, said, on national television, no less, “I think Assange should be assassinated, actually. I think President Obama should put out a contract and maybe use a drone or something.”  And he chuckled.  But he wasn’t chuckling at the end of the clip when he said,
“I wouldn’t be unhappy if Assange disappeared.”


I suspect he didn’t laugh because “disappearing” people who are dissidents is a long-time practice in places where dictatorships exist.  Disagree with the government and you might find yourself dead.  I suspect Flanagan would like to see a lot of Canadian dissidents disappeared.  And I suspect he said this for two reasons:

  1. To instill fear into those who would dare to share information they find within the leaked cables.
  2. To encourage an assassination attempt on Assange.


What kind of person would do such a  thing?  Noam Chomsky said that the WikiLeaks Cables reveal “a profound hatred for democracy on the part of our political leadership.”  Though he was speaking about the American political leadership, I think the above statements by Flanagan prove Chomsky’s assertion to be true for Canada as well.


In publicizing the leaks Assange is unraveling the thread of Empire, weakening the structures of power.  Tom Flanagan knows that and doesn’t like it one bit.



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  1. Alysia

     /  March 10, 2011

    Hello, I am a fan of your work. I was at last years international women’s day gala hosted by the prairie lilies. I did not make a womens day event this year (yesterday) because I had been at an NDP fundraiser.

    Speaking of which, I am organizing a good ol’ Saskatchewan backyard bbq in support of Jaime Garcia, NDP candidate, at my residence in Argyle Park this summer. I am calling it the “Meet the Candidate BBQ” and I am looking for bright women to sit on my planning committee. They will not be required to do any fund raising whatsoever and I have already decided to donate most of the food, personally.

    We would meet once a month over coffee or wine. If this sounds like fun, please introduce yourself and email me.

    I love the network of support us women are so easily able to provide to one another and I look forward to making a friend in you. All the best,

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