Women threatened while held in T.O. detention @ G20

I am so angry I am sick to my stomach. I’m about to cry because what I’ve discovered is too horrendous!

Amy Miller is an independent journalist aka a freelancer who was throttled and taken down then detained for 13 hours in Toronto on the weekend. She tells of harassment by the police — threats of gangbanging and rape — as well as of one woman who was strip-searched by a male officer and inappropriately touched, i.e. fingered. This is absofuckinglutely reprehensible!

Watch it here and then let’s determine how we, as the feminist movement, will respond to these atrocities in our own country.

Uppitydate: The Toronto Star has additional accounts of police harassment, abuse and brutality.

Uppidtydate 2: Another account, thanks to Joanne in the comments.

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  1. http://toronto.mediacoop.ca/story/conditions-g20-dentention-centre-are-illegal-immoral-and-dangerous/3918

    Please see the above report too…one of the writers turned out to be someone I have had in my Twitter network for a year re: student politics.

    I could not sleep last night. I continue to break down with crying. Then I go back to watching reality t.v. or playing online games…I am just in a stunned state.

    How do we respond?

  2. Toe

     /  June 28, 2010

    Does anybody know what happened to the deaf chap who was hauled away and taken to the detention centre?

    The strip search was Sexual Assault by an Officer, but it can’t be proven. That poor woman is probably traumatized. As far as the conditions go, that is standard, no privacy with toilet, cold concrete, cold temp, white bread/processed cheese and your hands as water cups. Hasn’t changed in eons. McGuinty is a shitfaced Con for complying with Blair!!

  3. Robi Marr

     /  June 29, 2010

    A friend of mine asked me why I wasn’t out protesting this weekend, and when I answered, I laughed and said I haven’t done any of that in a few years. Then I looked at the news this morning and sent her the link with a trigger warning and an “add this to my ‘why I didn’t go protest'”.

    I wrote to the Mayor of Toronto and received a form-letter reply (to which I said: thank you for your reply. Will the Amy Miller issue be on the table in City Council or another, appropriate judicial body? – and received no reply).

    I also wrote my MP, MPP, and the PMO. I debated writing to a police website but I’m not sure who to complain to – was it Toronto police or RCMP or OPP who made the threats? Without that information, it’s harder to know where to take complaints.

  4. Please feel free to post your letters here, good women!

  1. Violent Repression & the Agenda of the Elite – A Collection of Important G20 Stories « the regina mom

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