Do both Harper and Iggy hate women?

Well, we know the Harper hates women. But Iggy, too?

Let’s see.  Iggy supported Harper’s budget which saw a continuation of Harper’s attack on women. And Iggy encouraged the Senate to push it through even though Senators had problems with it. And Iggy’s done nothing to appease women since taking the helm of the Liberal Party of Canada.

But now, this seems to ice the cake, so to speak.

Grit insiders say the federal Liberals are unlikely to nominate one-third female candidates in the next election and that the new Liberal leader’s main focus is finding winnable candidates rather than focusing on gender.

Oh, the backlash against feminism is strong, isn’t it?  And now we have two federal party leaders jumping on that bandwagon!

What’s a girl to do?  Sure, quotas are the only answer.  But hello?  Have you read any research about the impact on women’s and children’s lives when at least 1/3 of the movers and shakers are women?  It’s huge!  It’s as though women’s lives suddenly matter, as though women finally get taken seriously.  Does Iggy know anything about CEDAW?

It appears that, no, he does not.  He’s too busy cosying up to the big boys in the sandbox, those who don’t want to share their toys with half the population.  Like I say, Liberal, Tory, same old story.

Thanks to Challenging the Commonplace for the pointer.

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  1. facts, Canadian Ostriches like to see them.. but do not post the truth about the men who hate women and do not give them equal pay… it embaresses them


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