Sexist Economics Enrages Me!

Sexist Economics

Sexist Economics by Bernadette L. Wagner

I am a woman, enraged!

I am enraged that global capital, after more than three centuries of greed, continues in its greedy ways, wanting more concessions from government, calling for bigger bottom lines, demanding more, more, more.

I am enraged that women and their children bear the brunt of the greed, living in poverty, suffering illness, dying too young.

I am enraged that governments bend to corporatists, hold tight to neoliberal paths, junk programs that attempt to redress imbalances.

I am enraged that our current economic system is based in a social system of  women as chattel and has not “adjusted” to the reality that women are human beings.

I am enraged that, in economic terms, the work that women do to keep our families healthy and functioning, that moves the economy through its cycles, that makes the world a better place for the many, doesn’t matter.  If it did matter, our GDP would look very different.

I am enraged that the “Feminist Dozen” has yet to be addressed in any real way by any of our governments.

I am enraged that in the 21st century the realities of women’s lives are repeatedly forgotten and dismissed in favour of an economics that degrades and devalues women’s worth.

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